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Patricia to return to Oslo to lecture at The Nordic Coach & NLP Academy, 14th March 2019

Nordic Coach and NLP Academy banner

The Nordic Coach & NLP Academy (NOCNA) is a leading Scandinavian provider of quality trainings within the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming/Psychology, Coaching, Personal Growth, Neurotapping and Holistic Ergonomics. The NOCNA team is interdisciplinary, highly educated and experienced. They are committed to furthering the fields of NLP and coaching through collaborative ventures whilst maintaining high ethical standards and quality control.

NOCNA has been working for three years with leading neuroscientist and researcher, Professor Patricia Riddell. Patricia has been teaching and researching neuroscience and psychology for the last 30 years. Patricia is NLP trained and understands why NLP works. and is actively engaged in bringing NLP closer to science.

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