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Workshop at Massey University Business School, New Zealand, 6th Sept 2017

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Patricia has been invited to lecture at Massey University Business School, Auckland in September on how to use neuroscience to become a better leader. The workshop will cover:

  • Neuroscience of followership – what skills do you need to develop to attract followers?

  • Neuroscience of leadership – what leadership style are you practicing and is this the one you need?

  • Hot and cold decision making in the brain – what differs when we have to make decisions quickly or with high risk of mistakes? Can we get better at this?

  • Neuroscience of motivation – what motivates people to stay in a company and how can you generate these experiences in the workplace?

  • Neuroscience of demotivation – what causes people to become so demotivated that they change jobs and how can you prevent this? Emotion and goal contagion

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